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Personalize your menu to fit your special event!!! Select your option, next customize your menu from the menu selection page.

The menus listed represent some of our most popular food and items that we have prepared, but are by no means a limitation to what we can do.

As a caterer we can design menus specifically for you. Please do not hesitate to request an item that you do not see listed, we are happy to custom tailor a menu to fit your needs and those of your guests.

Option 1

Option 2

Meats: Select Two

Meats: Select One

Starches: Select Two

Starches: Select One

Vegetable: Select One or two and no salad option

Vegetable: Select One

Salad: Select One

Salad: Select One

Bread: Select One

Bread: select One

Drinks: Select two,plus Water

Drinks: Select One

Dessert: Select One Additional cost

Dessert: Select One additional cost

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